OIS fighting method

It is the contraction of combat and tactics (strategy) specific to the approach to combat the OIS.

This means the OIS fighting method offers to teach the students fighters how to use a very extensive panel of fighting tactics with or without guards, in a regulated mode or not, with or without arms while always respecting the basic safety rules protecting the physical integrity of students.

The class last 1 hour and mixes intensity and technicality.

It is intended to develop understanding, a sharp eye, the toughness, and the will and fighting spirit.

This mixing between Fighting and Tactics uses up a great deal of energy and combines athletic aerobic movements with exercises and stabilization strategies.

It is especially recommended for those who dread the fight and do not always know how to approach it without necessarily being hurt.

Our goal is to bring our students to the highest technical, tactical and physical levels with minimal risk while imagining that to the end of a course, even exhausted, they can still be trimmed to defend itself against one or more potential abusers in the street.

This way of working is directly coming from the Israeli military training. If during training, soldiers are injured, then they can no longer be operational.

We adopt this mindset in all our courses.

OIS krav maga MIAMI is ready for you, whether you are a beginner student, experienced in martial arts or a professional athlete.