PHILIP DAVID GLIKMAN is the Head Instructor of the Emeth Krav Maga System for the USA.

PHILIP DAVID GLIKMAN has been teaching Operative Krav Maga for nearly 2 decades and regularly travels to different regions of the world to train special services.  PHILIP DAVID GLIKMAN is the representative of AARON ELBAZE, Chief Instructor of the OIS.

AARON ELBAZE initially dedicated the OIS discipline to security units and has been adapted and developed the discipline for the needs of civilians.  In addition to setting up one of the largest training center for European Security and Counter Terrorism, AARON ELBAZE is also involved in the sale of specific products to law enforcement departments.  AARON ELBAZE travels to different parts of the globe to train and assist government agencies in fighting against drug traffickers, crime and terrorism.

The Emeth Krav Maga discipline originated from KRAV MAGA, created by IMI LICHTENFELD, whose philosophy was to provide an individual the basic tools needed to combat, defend and fight against an attacker or enemy, regardless of the place or environment.   IMI LICHTENFELD’s philosophy is based on the need to defend quickly and instinctively.

KRAV MAGA is a self-defense and survival system that uses a person’s natural instincts and reflexes against an attached or enemy.  The KRAV MAGA philosophy is based on awareness and mental conditioning to react physically with speed, economy of motion and the appropriate measure of force, without doing more than necessary.  KRAV MAGA utilizes the concept of continuous motion, or “retzef” in Hebrew, for self-defense.  KRAV MAGA’s world-renowned survival and defense system incorporates both simple and advanced disarming and subduing techniques against an attacker’s threats and objects, including knives, handguns, rifles and weapons, for soldiers, military combatants, law enforcement and civilians.

“we have an unmatched level of experience”

The Emeth Krav Maga is the most specialized survival response system to defend and  fight against terrorism worldwide. The Emeth Krav Maga has been utilized by those who have had to depend upon survival techniques, including the military and police elite and personnel.

The Emeth Krav Maga method is comprehensive and provides a depth of practical knowledge, from the unparalleled experience of Israeli security units and anti-terrorism. This system of survival covers all aspects of personal safety and teaches all types of fights, with or without weapons, including the following:

  • Defuse aggression, anticipate and avoid confrontation,
  • Fighting in the dark, in limited spaces or against multiple opponents,
  • Develop accuracy, evaluation and determination in judgment,
  • Monitor and manage mass hysteria (control and stress management),
  • Learn the psychology of survival and the fighting spirit,
  • Train against aggressiveness,
  • Learn to predict violent behavior,
  • Handle weapons and close protection, and
  • Defend against anti-terrorism, hostage-taking and instinctive shooting,

PHILIP DAVID GLIKMAN is the only official Expert Instructor & representative of the Emeth Krav Maga for Florida and the United States of America.
Emeth Krav Maga has been validated and recognized by the Academic College at Wingate in Israel.