Private lessons are offered for those wishing to practice only in the company of an instructor to develop the techniques of the Operative Israeli System Krav Maga.

With his experienced and proven pedagogy, Philip David Glikman will lead you to the point you want to reach, but you will often he surprised by the path you will take to get it .

In certain situations of the life, one works without net, the least error implies a disaster, a wound or death . The private training method of Philip David Glikman does not leave any place to the hazardous techniques.

The realistic training give you the right reflexes and the right moves required in a real life situations, without excess of confidence.

No need to lie to yourself, for Philip David Glikman you do not come for who you are but for who you are going to be.

Rediscover the one you never dare to be anymore, in your professional activity just like in public or in your private life, the method Philip David Glikman is based of 3 elements:

  • The fighting method he teaches
  • The mental
  • The authenticity
The course lasts a little over an hour, intensive and appropriate to the needs and the level of the student. How to take the right decisions in situations under stress, with or without weapons, against one or more opponents to be able to respond to all forms of verbal or physical confrontation, and to neutralize the adversary quickly :
  • To help someone or defend yourself
  • To learn self-control, to neutralize the opponent quickly with a proven method used in real life by professionals
  • To understand the defense strategies and specific Survival OIS KRAV MAGA
  • To gain or regain self-confidence, and thus handle all contingencies
  • To work under Handicap

The objective of this course is to achieve the highest level of confidence, to improve its reactions and increase its technical, physical and mental abilities.

Perception of work

Use, refine and develop its own sense is the first step of defense.


See and understand quickly enough a situation and adopt a safe behavior.


React without thinking, have an immediate instinctive attitude through intensive training relentlessly.

OIS krav maga MIAMI is ready for you, whether you are a beginner student, experienced in martial arts or a professional athlete.