Tactical Shooting Training

This course will teach the individual to take decisive action under pressure. 

Students will be working with complex problems and will be tutored by our very experienced Instructors who have done this in the “real world”. 

Students will be asked to think through tactical problems and react to constantly changing scenarios. 

Students will be exposed to scenarios where critical thinking and decisive action are necessary to be successful. system replicating high-speed closure from edged weapon attacks, high speed mover, obstacle course with multiple shooting positions, 

tactical shooting training miami

The Team :

All the instructors covering the class are certified , and all of them have real experiences in the Army , Police and security services . 

The Training :

Our “Tactical Shooting Training class” designed especially for beginners with no previous experience with firearms & all the way up to the professional level. 

The Class is based on real experience of professionals with warrior doctrine. This training fits perfectly to the Home  ans Self Defense mission profile.

In our Training we provided not just a state of the art combat fire arms skills, but also Tactical understanding of the home invasion scenario and more .

In our class and seminars , we focus on reality training only and simulate the scenarios again and again, to develop your confidence to react the right way in case of stressed emergency situations .

We develop the required muscle memory, this way your ability to react in the right way is tested as close as we can to the real deal.

The moment the students realizes his muscle memory and decision making work effectively under stressful situation, his confidence level increasing and his ability to face real situation become a reality

Some training we incorporate Self Defense Krav Maga Training and Shooting .

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Program of the basics Shooting Training Class included :

  • Rules & safety briefing
  • Pistol mechanism
  • Operational safety in training as in combat
  • Trigger work and sights using
  • Point shooting & precision 
  • Different positions of shooting , Standing, Kneeling
  • Shooting while moving 
  • Mags change
  • Gun malfunction
  • Tactical Course
  • Emeth Krav Maga & Self Defense 

Time of Training :

Generally the basic Training is based on 4 hours from 8am to 12pm or 2pm to 6pm . 

Location :

We work with deferent outside & inside ranges around Miami

Package Prices :

1 Class only ( you pay only your participation and you bring your own equipment)

– Required 

Cargo pants, t- shirt, belt, sports shoes 

Gun , 2 magazines , Holsters & your 250 Ammo

2 Full Package (All including , design for those who don’t have nothing )

– We provide

Gun Glock 17 / 9min , 2 magazines , holsters and 250 Ammo

We propose deferent type of classes :

  • Basic Tactical Gun level 1
  • Basic Tactical Gun level 2 
  • Advanced Tactical Gun Training level 1
  • Advanced Tactical Gun Training level 2
  • Basic Tactical Rifle level 1
  • Basic Tactical Rifle level 2
  • Advanced Tactical Rifle Training level 1
  • Advanced Tactical Rifle Training level 2
  • Tactical Rifle transition Gun 
  • VIP Protection Tactical Course 
  • Bodyguards & Security training 
  • Law Enforcement Training 
  • Concealed carry weapon 

OIS krav maga MIAMI is ready for you, whether you are a beginner student, experienced in martial arts or a professional athlete.